University of Wisconsin-Madison

Lab Members

Bill Murphy

Principal Investigator

Curriculum Vitae

Ulrika Muller

Research Specialist

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Hau D. Le

Assistant Professor, MD

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Cheryl Soref

Research Specialist

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Connie S. Chamberlain

Assistant Scientist

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Elizabeth Torr

Research Specialist

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Gianluca Fontana

Assistant Scientist

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Sanjukta Sahu

Research Specialist

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Jae-Sung Lee

Associate Director of Orthopedic Research

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Angie Xie

Graduate Student (BME)

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Kate Barteau

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Gaurav Kaushik

Postdoctoral Researcher

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Hamisha Ardalani

Graduate Student (BME)

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John Krutty

Graduate Student (BME)

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Ngoc Nhi Le

Graduate Student (MSP)

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Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Kamil Adamski (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
  • Jake Diesler
  • Mai Lieu Dombroe
  • Mallory Filipp (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Hunter Johnson (Biomedical Engineering)
  • James Johnston (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Hannah McBride
  • Stephan Schwartz (Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry)
  • Peyton Uhl (Neurobiology)
  • Nick Zacharias (Biomedical Engineering)


  • Tremaan Spearman-White (2016-2018, PhD student in Biomedical Engineering )

  • Anna Clements (2011 - 2018, PhD student in Materials Science Program )

  • William Daly (2011-2017, H-MAP's Core Director/Scientist)  

  • Andrew Khalil (2010-2017, PhD student and Postdoc in Biomedical Engineering)  

  • Andrew Dias (2015-2017, Postdoctoral Researcher)  

  • Xiaohua Yu (2015-2016, Assistant Scientist)    00-linkedin-logo.png

  • Beko Binder (2014-2016; Postdoctoral Researcher)   

  • Jon Elicson (2014-2016, Master Student in Biomedical engineering)   

  • Matt Parlato (2009-2016; PhD student in Biomedical Engineering)   

  • Eric H. Nguyen (2010-2016; PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering)  

  • Michael Schwartz (2010-2016, Assistant Scientist)   

  • Jim Molenda (2008-2015; Research Specialist)

  • Samantha Schmitt (2009-2015; PhD Student in Materials Science Program)  

  • David G. Belair (2010-2015; PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Darilis Suarez-Gonzalez (2005-2011 Graduate Student; 2011-2014 Postdoctoral Researcher)  

  • Jae-Sung Lee (2008-2013; Scientist) 

  • Xiaohua Yu (2011-2013; Postdoctoral Researcher) 

  • Stefan Zorn (2010-2013; Postdoctoral Researcher) 

  • Se Won Bae (2011-2013; Postdoctoral Researcher) 

  • Michelle Wilson (2008-2012; PhD Student in Chemical and Biological Engineering) 

  • Travelle Franklin-Ford (2005-2012; PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Justin Koepsel (2006-2012; PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Thomas Keenan (2011-2012, Scientist) 

  • Siyoung Choi (2004-2012; PhD Student in Materials Science and Engineering) 

  • Michael Toepke (2009-2012, Postdoctoral Researcher) 

  • Sheeny Lan Levengood (2009-2011; Postdoctoral Researcher) 

  • Nicholas Impellitteri (2009-2011; MS Student in Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Nianli Zhang (2008-2011, PhD Student in Materials Science Program) 

  • Stephen Kennedy (2008-2010; PhD Student in Electrical and Computer Engineering) 

  • William King (2005-2010; PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Gregory Hudalla (2004-2010; PhD Student in Biomedical Engineering)  

  • Nicholas Pytel (2007-2009; MS Student in Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Javeed Shaikh Mohammed (2007-2008; Postdoctoral Researcher) 

  • Leena Jongpaiboonkit (2006-2008; Postdoctoral Researcher) 

  • Jae-Sam Lee (2006-2008; Postdoctoral Researcher) 

  • Zhijie Sui (2006-2008; Postdoctoral Researcher) 

  • Brian Peret (2006-2008; MS Student in Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Kawai Chan (2005-2006, MS Student in Biomedical Engineering)