University of Wisconsin-Madison

Angie Xie



Contact Information:

Graduate Student

Department Affiliation:

Biomedical Engineering

Education Background:

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Boston University

Research Description:

Chemically defined culture environments to deconstruct extracellular matrix influences on stem cell fate and tissue morphogenesis.


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  2.  A.S. Khalil, X. Yu, A.W. Xie, G.X. Fontana, J.M. Umhoefer, T.A. Hookway, T.C. McDevitt, and W.L. Murphy (2017) Functionalization of microparticles with mineral coatings enhances non-viral transfection of primary human cells. Scientific Reports 7, 14211.
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  5. S.K. Schmitt, A.W. Xie, R.M. Ghassemi, D.J. Trebatoski, W.L. Murphy, and P. Gopalan (2015) Polyethylene glycol coatings on plastic substrates for chemically defined stem cell culture. Adv Healthc Mater 4, 1555-1564.
  6. A.S. Khalil*, A.W. Xie*, and W.L. Murphy (2013) Context clues: The importance of stem cell-material interactions. ACS Chem Biol 9, 45-56. *Equal contribution

Awards & Honors:

2017     Graduate Student Travel Award, BMES Advanced Biomanufacturing Conference
2016     Vilas Research Travel Award
2016     Graduate Student Travel Award, 2nd International Advanced Course on Regenerative Medicine      Manufacturing
2015     Graduate Student Travel Award, Hilton Head Regenerative Medicine Workshop
2013     NSF Graduate Research Fellowship 
2012     NIH Biotechnology Training Program Fellowship

Patent Applications

A.W. Xie, W.L. Murphy. Chemically labile peptide-presenting surfaces for cellular self-assembly. Pub No. US 2015/0024490, filed Jan. 2015, Continuation-in-Part Application of U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 13/835,102.