University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hamisha Ardalani



Contact Information: 

Graduate Student

Department Affiliation:

Biomedical Engineering

Education Background:

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

Research Description:

  • Modeling hierarchical blood vessel anastomosis in vitro using synthetic hydrogel
  • Deciphering vascular regeneration during limb regeneration of axolotl


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  2. H Ardalani, AH Assadi, WL Murphy. (2014). "Structure, Function, and Development of Blood Vessels: Lessons for Tissue Engineering." In Engineering in Translational Medicine (pp. 155-182). Springer London. 
  3. MR Zanotelli+, H Ardalani+, J Zhang, Z Hou, EH Nguyen, S Swanson, et al. (2016) "Stable engineered vascular networks from human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cells cultured in synthetic hydrogels." Acta biomaterialia. (+Authors contributed equally)
  4.  J Zhang, MP Schwartz, Z Hou, Y Bai, H Ardalani, S Swanson, J Steill et al. (2017) "A Genome-wide Analysis of Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Endothelial Cells in 2D or 3D Culture" Stem Cell Reports 8(4):907-918. 



W.L. Murphy, E. Nguyen, M. Schwartz, H. Ardalani, M. Zanotelli, M. Parlato, D. Belair, W. Daly, N.N. Le. Synthetic hydrogel compositions that promote endothelial cell tubulogenesis. U.S. Patent Application Filed, 2015.