University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ngoc Nhi Le



Contact Information:

Graduate Student

Department Affiliation:

Materials Science Program

Education Background:

B.S. Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
B.S. Materials Science & Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Description:

Hydrogel arrays for screening combinatorial effects of microenvironmental properties on stem cell fate specification.


  1. N.N.T. Le, S. Zorn, S.K. Schmitt, P. Gopalan, W.L. Murphy. Hydrogel arrays formed via differential wettability patterning enable combinatorial screening of stem cell behavior. Acta Biomaterialia, Accepted
  2. D.G. Belair, N.N. Le, W.L. Murphy. Design of growth factor sequestering biomaterials.Chemical Communications, 2014; 50: 15651-15668.   internet_link.jpg
  3. T. Hansen, J.T. Koepsel, S. Zorn, N.N. Le, M. Parlato, S.G. Loveland, M.P. Schwartz, W.L. Murphy. Biomaterial arrays with defined adhesion ligand densities and matrix stiffness identify distinct phenotypes for tumorigenic and non-tumorigenic human mesenchymal cell types. Biomaterials Science, Accepted. internet_link.jpg
  4. J.T. Koepsel, S.G. Loveland, M.P. Schwartz, S. Zorn, D.G. Belair, N.N. Le, W.L. Murphy. A chemically-defined screening platform reveals behavioral similarities of primary human mesenchymal stem cells and endothelial cells. Integrative Biology, 2012; 4: 1508–1521.internet_link.jpg  

Awards & Honors:


  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2011-Present)
  • Graduate Engineering Research Scholars, UW-Madison (2011-Present)
  • Gates Millennium Scholarship Program (2006-Present)
  • WISELI Celebrating Women in Science & Engineering Grant (2014, $1K)
  • Pieper Servant Leadership Fund Grant (2014, $2.8K)


  • N.N. Le, M. Parlato, J.A. Molenda, W.L. Murphy. Hydrogel arrays for cell expansion and differentiation. U.S. Patent Application, Filed 2015. 
  • W.L. Murphy, E. Nguyen, M. Schwartz, H. Ardalani, M. Zanotelli, M. Parlato, D. Belair, W. Daly, N.N. Le. Synthetic hydrogel compositions that promote endothelial cell tubulogenesis. U.S. Patent Application Filed, 2015.
  • N.N. Le, W.L. Murphy. Photopolymerization patterning for formation of covalently-immobilized hydrogel arrays in multi-well plates. U.S. Patent Application Filed, 2014. 
  • N.N. Le, S. Zorn, M.P. Schwartz, E.H. Nguyen, W.L. Murphy. Novel method for forming hydrogel arrays using surfaces with differential wettability. U.S. Patent Application Filed, 2014.