University of Wisconsin-Madison

Sanjukta Sahu



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Research Specialist



Masters in Life Sciences(Microbiology), Sambalpur University(School of Life Sciences),India (1999)

Certificate in BD FACS Aria Flow cytometer operation(2006) 

Research Description


Working on project "Effect of Mechanical forces on lung development" under Dr.Hau D Le's supervision

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  2. Sandy R. Durrani, Daniel J. Montville, Allison S. Pratt,Sanjukta Sahu, Mark K. DeVries, Victoria    Rajamanickam, Ronald E. Gangnon, Michelle A. Gill, James E. Gern, Robert F. Lemanske Jr., Daniel J. Jackson(2012) Innate Immune Responses to Rhinovirus are reduced by the High-Affinity IgE Receptor in Allergic Asthmatic Children. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology,Vol130, Iss 2, 489-495