Welcome to the Bioinspired Materials Lab

We are building innovative biomaterials to address significant challenges in biology and medicine.

Chemists, biologists, materials scientists, and engineers collaborate to create new materials we refer to as “bioinspired materials”. Our materials are “bioinspired” because they mimic some of the fascinating ways that nature builds materials – from sea shells to human organs.

We work closely with biologists to make fundamental scientific discoveries. We also partner with clinicians to create medical devices that can regenerate diseased or damaged tissues.

Our goal is to achieve high impact by pursuing groundbreaking discoveries, translating discoveries into new medical treatments, and training the next generation of leaders in regenerative medicine.


March 2019

Organoid system for toxicological screening: At the Society of Toxicology 2019 meeting, Professor William Murphy gave the opening plenary lecture; “Robust Assembly of Human Tissues for Disease Modeling and Discovery”. Communication blog.

Lab Spotlight

December 2019

John Krutty defended his PhD thesis and passed. Congratulations John!

September 2019

Hamisha Ardalani defended her PhD thesis and passed. Congratulations Hamisha!

August 2019

Nhi Le defended her PhD thesis and passed. Congratulations Nhi!