Jacobus Burger

Position title: Graduate Student, Biomedical Engineering

Email: jcburger@wisc.edu

Education Background: B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, Drexel University

Research Description: Delivery of biologics to treat traumatic spinal cord injury


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  2. Xie, R., Wang, Y., Burger, J. C., Li, D., Zhu, M., & Gong, S. (2023). Non-viral approaches for gene therapy and therapeutic genome editing across the blood–brain barrier. Med-x1(1), 6.
  3. Zhu, M., Wang, X., Xie, R., Wang, Y., Xu, X., Burger, J., & Gong, S. (2023). Guanidinium-Rich Lipopeptide-Based Nanoparticle Enables Efficient Gene Editing in Skeletal Muscles. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces15(8), 10464-10476.